Building Community

There’s a new vision for the Historic Westside of Las Vegas brought to life by a plan called HUNDRED: Historic Urban Neighborhood Design Redevelopment. With extensive community support and leadership of the City, Special Assistant Joseph Mitchell and UNLV’s Design Center Architect Ken Mccown, the HUNDRED plan was created. It was recently incorporated into the City’s Vision Las Vegas Downtown 2045 and will begin implementation soon.

The HUNDRED plan’s purpose is to create a distinctive and beautiful master-planned community in the Historic Westside that would preserve its history yet modernize the area into a thriving, enriching and metropolis area where families can live, work and play in the same neighborhood.


The Plan includes newly-constructed homes in cottage, bungalow and modern styles, wide pedestrian sidewalks with tall trees-lined curbs providing shade, birds and wildlife to support a lush natural ecosystem, parks and walkways, mass transportation, and places for business to thrive while enhancing the needs of the community who live there. This will be an amazing place to live and a wonderful new part of the City of Las Vegas.

Plans For Rural Preservation

For 23 years the Northwest Area Residents Association has prized its neighborhoods full of unique character and identity embodied in rural preservation. This area has a community garden, horse properties and wide-open spaces that are truly unique. As with any community, we must look to the future on how to improve NARA for residents and how to increase safety, higher property values and beautification that will make this neighborhood unparalleled with others.

After two years of Joe Mitchell’s strategic planning with City staff, we finally got an investment to study rural preservation. In collaboration with University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Professor Steven Clarke and his architectural master’s degree-seeking students, an inter-local agreement was made to leverage resources to benefit rural communities at large.

Currently residents and stakeholders are engaged in charrettes and vision-casting meetings to become their own designers and planners of their streets, trails, natural resources and neighborhoods. This plan will set rules and guidelines for the community, which will curtail developers from seeking higher-density housing and any incompatible zoning. The goal is to create a better NARA by empowering the people who live there and this plan will do that.

Cooridor Of Hope Homeless Project

One of the biggest challenges of Ward 5 is solving the homeless issue that must be a shared responsibility between government and private sector in the most humane way. Those serving the vulnerable in our society are valued and appreciated and Joe Mitchell is deeply committed to assist those teams.

The Project is a campus that provides all the needs of rebuilding homeless individuals lives from dependence to independence. Joe Mitchell is persuading the private sector to share in the design, implementation and operation of this new homeless campus and the various programs it will provide.

I-15 Frontage Roads Project

A feasibility study at the City of Las Vegas is underway to improve access from both sides of the I-15 between Washington and Lake Mead into the Historic Westside. By providing improved access from I-15, Losee Road and Owens Avenue into the Historic Westside from the North, there will be many benefits. Approximately 50 acres of land could be developed as part of the HUNDRED Plan. By adding improved access into the area for commercial traffic onto Owens, offering alternative routes to and from Martin Luther King and Lake Mead Boulevards and easing congestion issues off the I-15, it will help people come and go into the area successfully while maintaining a walkable residential community. This project will also facilitate economic redevelopment in West Las Vegas because of that access. The HUNDRED Plan will serve as the guide for revitalization.

Joe Mitchell is part of the team working to implement these changes. Mitchell understands the need for economic development in this “hot zone” based on level of economic distress and improved access for into the area will make a huge difference.  A community development corporation with residents, stakeholders and investors will serve as governing board to all aspects of development to always insure public buy-in.


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