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30-Days Special Election to Fill the Seat for Las Vegas City Council Ward 5
Candidate Joe Mitchell brings honor, integrity and service to politics

LAS VEGAS (March, 2, 2018)—Las Vegas Mayor and City Council voted for a special election March 27, 2018 to fill Ward 5’s seat, which was left open by resignation of the prior councilman.


Leading candidate Joseph “Joe” Mitchell is on the ballot. As special assistant to the Mayor and City Council during the past four years, he works closely with Ward 5 community leaders, stakeholders, businessmen and women, spiritual leaders and constituents. He took the calls—cared for constituents’ needs—all while city planning and vision casting what the Ward could be.


“This type of work is a God-inspired calling for me,” Mitchell said. “It’s not about power or prestige. It is about changing lives and helping others.”


Joe Mitchell is skillful at city planning. Mitchell’s vision and hard work created the HUNDRED Plan for the Historic Westside. The Plan includes newly-constructed homes, wide pedestrian sidewalks with tall trees-lined curbs, lush natural ecosystem, parks and walkways, mass transportation, and places for business to thrive while enhancing the needs of the community who live there. This will be an amazing place to live and a wonderful new part of the City of Las Vegas. This is one example of Mitchell’s ingenuity.


Joe Mitchell is the “jobs” candidate. His HUNDRED Plan, among other plans, will bring jobs into the Ward. He believes in investment, economic development, safety, security and building stronger more beautiful communities. He works to preserve the character and history of this Ward by enhancing rural preservation in the North and urbanization in Downtown.


“This is one of the fastest election periods the City has seen,” said Tom Letizia, Mitchell’s campaign manager. “Joe Mitchell is the right candidate,” Letizia said. “He has been doing the work of Ward 5 as special assistant for years. He’s incredibly honorable, ethical and hard-working, which is what the Ward needs now.”


“I will be a responsive and caring Councilman for Ward 5,” Mitchell said. “I will make time to be there for those who need me. I believe in working together and lifting everyone up.” He is asking for your vote on March 27. He has the experience to run the Ward on Day One.


Joe Mitchell’s campaign Kick Off will take place March 10 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at John Mull’s Meats & Road Kill Grill located 3730 Thom Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89130. Please come join in the fun.



About Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell is special assistant to the Mayor and City Council for past four years. He runs Ward 5’s office. Mitchell comes from the insurance and business community. He worked for Brown & Brown Insurance of Nevada and Burnham & Flower Insurance Group, two of the larger insurance brokers in the country. He was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan and arrived in Las Vegas nearly two decades ago. He met his lovely wife, Jenny, 10 years ago. They are expecting their first baby in May.


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